100 Miles of Fishing

The Lake Pepin area is the place to come for abundant fishing opportunities.  The area offers large lake fishing on the 25,000 acre lake, big river fishing in the main channel or backwaters and trout stream fishing on numerous small rivers and streams that flow into the Mississippi.

For fishing conditions and information:
Lake Pepin: Minnesota DNR Area Fisheries 651-345-3216. Lake Pepin Fishing Map available, call 1-877-525-3248.
Minnesota stream fishing: (including licenses, regulations and maps): www.dnr.state.mn.us/fishing/trout_streams/index.html or call 1-888-646-6367.
Wisconsin: www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/caer/cs/restypes.asp or by calling 877-945-4236.
Stream maps: www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/water/fhp/species/trout/streammaps.shtml.

Pepie the Lake Pepin Monster

Many tourists come to the Lake Pepin area in hopes of catching a glimpse of our world famous Lake Monster, Pepie! The legend began with the native Dakota people that refused to travel on the lake in thin birch bark canoes because of the large creature that would rise from the depths of Lake Pepin and puncture the thin skinned watercraft. They would only travel on the Lake in the stouter dugout canoes. Jesuit priests exploring the area in the 1600’s reported an “unexplained creature” in the Lake. The first recorded sightings by white settlers was on April 26, 1871, by Lake City residents Giles Hyde and C.Page Bonney. Ever since, there have been numerous sightings by both ship and shore and the elusive Pepie has become world famous! Search www.pepie.net for further info.