Pottery Museum of Red Wing

240 Harrison St.
Inside the Pottery Place Annex


The Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation is a national foundation dedicated to gathering historical information and items to preserve Red Wing and other American pottery and stoneware for future generations. The cultural heritage as it relates to the clay industry that thrived in Red Wing is an important focus. The goal is to not only gather and preserve this information but also to present it to the public in such a way to increase knowledge and appreciation for pottery as utilitarian ware and as an art form – both an important part of American culture.

The Red Wing Pottery Museum was first opened in 2001 on the second floor of the former Minnesota Stoneware Company building where crocks, jugs, churns and many other stoneware items were made from 1883 until the 1930s. The 3000 square foot space of the Museum held approximately 1200 items which were either on loan or donated.