Great River Birding Festival

 Soaring Spirits - Bald Eagles: Wabasha, MN
Presented by: Marybeth Garrigan National Eagle Center

Eagle watching is a popular past time with humans, but the cultural as well as biological aspects of eagles mean many things to people. Join National Eagle Center Director MaryBeth Garrigan in exploring all the many stories and meanings of this biological, cultural, and spiritual symbol of America. MaryBeth and others will be presenting a live eagle and stories and songs regarding the eagle in human culture. Learn what eagles teach us as our relatives.

 My Name is Alice: One Owl’s Story: Lark Toy, Kellogg, MN
Presented by: Karla Kinstler Houston Nature Center

Join the star of the Houston Nature Center, Alice the Great Horned Owl and her human, Karla Kinstler, for an up close and personal look at owls. You'll have a chance to touch hawk and owl wings and feet, examine the contents of an owl pellet and ask all those questions you've always wondered about hawks and owls. What makes an owl so quiet? Are owls really wiser than other birds? Why do hawks hunt only by the light of day? Stop by for a visit with Alice and a whole lot of answers from Karla!

 Friends of a Feather: Wild Wings Gallery - Lake City, MN
Presented by: Barb Walker Friends of a Feather

Back by popular demand, raptor rehabilitator Barb Walker has traveled down from Fredric, WI to provide you with an up-close, Raptor experience. Barb will be bringing four of her education birds to the festival this year. The birds in this program are lucky to be alive. Each has survived a life threatening trauma that has left them unable to care for themselves in the wild. Listen to their amazing stories and carry their message to others. This years educators include a Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Screech Owl, and Spectacled Owl from South America. Don't forget your cameras!

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