great river birding festival
The next Great River Birding Festival is Planned for 2007.

BIRDING FESTIVAL 2007 information
coming soon, be sure to check back by
March 10th, 2007 for all the new 2007 birding info.

Please Contact Lake City Tourism Bureau for any questions 877-525-3248
or e-mail [email protected].
In lieu of a Great River Birding Festival 2006, individual communities located in this Globally Important Birding Area along the Mississippi River, are offering birding events throughout the year.

Click on the RED dots to see birding events available during your visit to our area.

View the real-time
Peregrine Falcon Cam
situated 450 ft. up on the smoke stack of Dairyland Power
for a copy of
Audubon's Great River Birding Maps
call: 877-525-3248
email: [email protected]
for a copy of the
Lake City Area Birding Map and Brochure call: 877-525-3248

Mississippi Valley Partners Communities are located along the Great Mississippi River Roads
in SE Minnesota and SW Wisconsin and are approximately......

35 Miles from Rochester, MN
65 Miles from Mpls. - St. Paul, MN
140 Miles from St. Cloud, MN
360 Miles from Sioux City, IA
75 Miles from La Crosse, WI
220 Miles from Madison, WI
280 Miles from Milwaukee, WI
305 Miles from Chicago, IL

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