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Kenny Salwey is one of the last of a breed of who have been
able to earn a living with the land using only their native wit and
intelligence.  He has lived hard and worked hard along the Mississippi
River--close to nature--all his life.  He has eked out a living as a
river guide, trapper, fisherman, hunter, root and herb collector and
general all-around woodsman and naturalist.  His lifestyle is fast
disappearing in this high-tech world.

Kenny has appeared on such television shows as Wisconsin Magazine,
Discover Wisconsin, Eau Claire's Dave Carlson Show, Wisconsin Public
Television's Mississippi Stories, the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour, and Ron
Shara's Minnesota Outdoors.  Articles about him, his philosophy and his
livelihood have appeared in Wisconsin Trails Magazine, the Milwaukee
Journal, Madison's Isthmus, LaCrosse Tribune, Racine Journal Times,
Minneapolis Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press and a host of
Midwest newspapers.  Two books feature chapters about Kenny Salwey.  He
has co-authored his first book The Last River Rat:  Kenny Salwey's Life
in the Wild which portrays a year in the life of this intriguing
woodsman.  His latest book is called Kenny Salwey's Tales of a River
Rat: Life Along the Wild Mississippi.  Kenny was featured in the
BBC/Discovery Channel Documentary "Mississippi: Tales of the Last River
Rat" which won international acclaim, including five prestigious nature
documentary awards.

Kenny tells stories, gives keynote addresses and conducts tours and
teacher inservice workshops.  His audiences range from school groups,
civic clubs, and church groups to conservation organizations, nature
centers, state parks and natural resource agencies throughout the Upper
Midwest.  His talks unravel the mysteries of the Mississippi River,  its
natural and human history, and ultimately reveal what the natural world
means to him.  His stories consist of a unique blend of folksy humor,
woodslore and a philosophy of the natural world.  He has progressed from
being a highly skilled--though at one time unethical--taker to a very
committed and almost always unorthodox giver.  By sharing his
hard-learned experiences, his respect for the Mississippi River and his
love of the natural world, Kenny hopes to inspire his audiences to
protect our two most precious resources: our natural resources and our
human resource.