"The Mississippi Great River Road was listed among
the top three most beautiful drives in the country"

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Great River Birding Festival
MAY 12,13,14 2006  

great river birding festival
Great River Birding & Nature Festival - "Celebrate Spring on the Mississippi Flyway"

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 All seminars are at Festival Headquarters
Hok-Si-La Park - Dining Hall
Lake City, MN 
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Friday Events
May 12
Opening Reception ~ Friday 5-8 pm
Button and $5/person

5-9 pm:
Trade Show Booths Open
Silent Auction Opens
Wild Wings Print
Kayak and Equipment
Community Baskets

5-6:30 pm: Salwey Book Signing

5:30-6:30 pm: Light Refreshments

6:30-7:45 pm: Kenny Salwey- key note speaker

7:45 pm: Book signing (continues) Kenny Salwey

Friday Workshops
May 12

Workshop: Choosing & Using Binoculars, Cameras & Scopes *Button Event
Friday 2-3:30 PM
Location: Hok Si La Park - Dining Hall
Kim Risen - Nature photographer, guide, writer

2400 N Hwy 61
Lake City, MN
Contact, Park Manager 651-345-XXXX

Frustrated with your camera? Do you miss viewing those flilling warblers with your binoculars? Learn how to choose the best equipment for your wildlife watching adventrues. Kim will discuss what to look for when considering digital cameras, binoculars and scopes. You will learn how to use them in the field and at home.

8-10 PM

Workshop: Night Sky Viewing *Button Event
Friday, 8-10 PM
Adam Schimbeno, leader

Frontenac Community Center
30301 Territorial Road
Lake City, MN 56041

Contact: Carrie Ryan, Lake City Chamber of Commerce, 651-345-4123

Take Hwy 61 N. of Lake City to Frontenac Station, Take Cty R #2 to Right Crossover, RR Tracks on left onto Territorial Road, then immediage Right into Parking Lot, meet at bend of Frontenac Sportman's Community Center Building.

Saturday Events
May 13

Keynote Speaker ~ Saturday 6:30-8:30 pm
Button and $5/person

9am -8:30pm: Trade Show continues

9am -7:00pm: Silent Auction Bidding

7:00 pm -?: Silent Auction Bid closes

6-7:00 pm: Wine and cheese reception

7-8:30 pm: Key note speaker - Carol Schumacher

8:30 pm: Announcement of Silent Auction winners

8-10 pm
Chorus Line-In Search Of Frogs, Toads, Insects & Owls

Presented by: Greg Munson, Executive Director- Friends of Quarry Hill Nature Center
Location: Hok-Si-La Park- Lake City, MN

Croak! events Croak!
Croak! Croak!

A walk around the edge of Hok-Si-La (good old swamp) starting at 9:00pm. This should be fun for young and old - dress for the weather and bring a flashlight.
From Dawn song to evening chorus, lend an ear to the night time serenades of frogs and toads. Our native frogs and toads are harbingers of Spring and an important barometer to the health of our wetland areas. Some amphibians are identified by sound and surveyed just as many birds are. Enjoy the trills, chirps and peeps and squeaks of Chorus Frogs, Spring Peepers and American Toads. Explore the nightlife of vernal pools, marshes and ponds, learn the calls of frogs and toads and listen for nocturnal wetland birds.


Birding by Ear- Hike/Workshop/Fieldtrip
Guides: Al Batt & Chris Benson ~ Sat 7-9 am
Guides: Ann McKenzie & Jon Peterson ~ Sun
7-9 am
Location: Hok-Si-La Park. Lake City, Minnesota
2500 Hwy 61 N
Contact: Joanne Klees 651-345-3855

Want to find more birds? Start looking with your ears! Sound is just as important as color and shape to many birds. Many species are secretive, hard to find or live in inaccessible habitat. Locate and identify these birds by learning their songs and calls. It's easier than you think! This workshop introduces the beginner and intermediate birder to the use of audio field guides. Learn about song types and seasonal vocalizations. Plus, recognize and use alarm, distress and contact calls to find more birds.

AmBittern seminars events
  Ducks On A Stick: Divers & Dabblers Of The Mississippi- Workshop
Program Instructer: Brian Pember ~ Sat 1-1:45 pm and 2:15-3 pm
Location: American Legion Club- Room 224- S. Washington, Lake City, MN

StickDucks Do you know your Divers from your Dabblers? Did you know that 40% of all North American waterfowl use the Mississippi River as their migratory flyway each spring and fall? Incredible, the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge provides critical food & habitat to thousands of ducks and geese as they make their way north and south each year! The refuge is also home to many duck species that breed here, some remain year round. Learn how to identify the many species of waterfowl that use the Upper Mississippi River NWR. You'll get an up close look at 30 mounted ducks consisting of 17 different species of waterfowl. The information presented will help you identify the species, sex and age of the birds you see on the water. Plumage, wing placement, foot color, bill shape, and tail feathers are all important observation features. Never leave a raft of ducks clueless again!

Nature Story Telling Workshop
Instructor: Al Batt
Sat. May 13 ~ 2-4 pm
Location: Hok-Si-La Park, Lake City, MN

Al is a writer, speaker, storyteller and humorist. Story telling is a tradition that has been used to pass on information and ideas. Learn about nature while learning about the art of storytelling. Bring a notebook and pencil in case you want to jot down insights from what is sure to be an entertaining and informative workshop.


Nature Writing Workshop
Instructor: Al Batt
Sun May 14 ~ 2-4 pm
Location: Hok-Si-La Park, Lake City, MN

Al is a writer, speaker, storyteller and humorist. As a writer he will address "Keeping a nature journal. Using your senses and seasons to write naturally." Bring a notebook and pencil in case you want to jot down insights from what is sure to be an entertaining and informative workshop.

Anne MacKenzie Audobon Minnesota, MOU
Jon Peterson Audubon Minnesota, MOU
Jim Fitzpatrick Director of Carpentry Nature Center
Al Batt Writer, speaker, storyteller and humorist
Chris Benson Zumbro Valley Audubon Society, MOU
Joel Dunnette Zumbro Valley Audubon Society, MOU
Bill Bruins Zumbro Valley Audubon Society, MOU, Audubon Minnesota


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