Lake City, MN

A Breathtaking 2-mile View of the Mississippi River

Lake City offers you small town hospitality and relaxation, taking you back in time. As you stroll through our downtown you’ll find specialty shops, boutiques and galleries where a wide range of unique products and local goods are offered. Your dining opportunities in Lake City range from casual family dining and specialty delis and bakeries to fine gourmet dining.
We welcome you to enjoy our parks and beaches, take a historic walking tour of our town, and relax along the waterfront at one of many great spots to view waterfowl, sailboats and barges.
You can stay with us at one of our motels, rental condominiums, vacation houses, or B&B’s and savor life in Lake City a little longer.
Not everyone can live in Lake City, but we welcome you to visit our town on beautiful Lake Pepin as often as you’d like.

At Lake City, MN:
Ride the “Pearl of the Lake” paddle-wheeler. Rent a boat, kayak, or paddleboat
Try SweeTango Apples, the newest variety from Pepin Heights.
Bask on one of our two beaches or picnic in one of our many parks or the deck of the municipal Marina
Soak up the views and do some birdwatching as you stroll along the Riverwalk or from the Marina point, with its nearly 360 degree vistas
Golf one of our three 18-hole courses
Walk or bike our historic tour of Lake City
Browse our more than 20 local shops, boutiques, and galleries
Camp, hike, picnic, swim or cross-country ski at our Hok-Si-La park

Pepie the Lake Pepin Monster

Many tourists come to the Lake Pepin area in hopes of catching a glimpse of our world famous Lake Monster, Pepie! The legend began with the native Dakota people that refused to travel on the lake in thin birch bark canoes because of the large creature that would rise from the depths of Lake Pepin and puncture the thin skinned watercraft. They would only travel on the Lake in the stouter dugout canoes. Jesuit priests exploring the area in the 1600’s reported an “unexplained creature” in the Lake. The first recorded sightings by white settlers was on April 26, 1871, by Lake City residents Giles Hyde and C.Page Bonney. Ever since, there have been numerous sightings by both ship and shore and the elusive Pepie has become world famous! Search for further info.