Lake City located on Highway 61, also known as the Great River Road, is just 65 miles southeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul and 35 miles northeast of Rochester, MN.
Clams once harvested from the Upper Mississippi River accounted for nearly 50 percent of the buttons in the world. In Lake City factory workers sawed button “blanks” from clam shells before shipping the 50-pound burlap bags of clam shell cut-outs downriver to button finishing houses in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Muscatine, Iowa.
Lake City is the birthplace of waterskiing. Invented here in 1922, Ralph Samuelson used a pair of boards as skis and a clothesline as a tow rope. His brother Ben towed him and they reached a speed of 20 miles per hour.
Lake City offers you small town hospitality and relaxation, taking you back in time. As you stroll through downtown you’ll find specialty shops, boutiques and galleries where a wide range of unique products and local goods are offered. Dining opportunities range from casual family dining and specialty delis and bakeries to fine gourmet dining.
Enjoy the parks and beaches, take a historic walking tour of our town, and relax along the waterfront at one of many great spots to view waterfowl, sailboats and barges.
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