Minneiska, MN

A Small Town with a Colorful History

Minneiska was named by the Sioux Indians. The name Minneiska means “Water White”. Two Rivers, the Whitewater and Zumbro joined the Mississippi causing turbulence that appeared white.
Close to the 2800 acre Whitewater Management Area and numerous State A Small Town with a Colorful History Forest Lands, eagles nest in summer and can be seen fishing almost year round. Pelicans soar in the up-drafts and in the fall tundra swans come to feed and rest.
A “Fish” weather vane located high on the bluff above Minneiska was originally made of wood and erected in the mid 1800’s. It gave Log Rafters a clue to wind direction and has since been replaced with a tin fish.
Puttman Gray built what is known as “Crazy Man’s Castle” 1/2 mile south of Minneiska. It was built from driftwood, three stories high and decorated with towers, steeples, verandas and pagodas. Advertised as a tourist curiosity in St. Louis, when steamboat lights flashed across the “Castle” at night, Gray’s daughters danced with white sheets covering themselves. Gray invented a vertical amusement ride later purchased by a man named Farris and became the “Ferris Wheel”.
Visit the towns woodcarvers, bar and grills.

  • A pair of woodcarving shops, Carven Critters and Carousels. and Langseth Norsk Woodcarving
  • Enjoy food and drink at Buck’s Bar while watching the birds and wildlife
  • Visit the site of “Crazy Man’s Castle”
  • Flood Run Motorcycle Rides  April 17-18 and September 18-19.