Reads Landing, MN

A Present Day Hamlet with a Wealth of History and Nature

The present day hamlet of Reads Landing was not always the quiet small village it is today. During its day, the community had 27 hotels, numerous saloons, stores, warehouses and churches. The village, located at the confluence of the A Present Day Hamlet with a Wealth of History and Nature Chippewa and Mississippi rivers, was a natural center for commerce and transportation. Fur-laden canoes and countless logs were transported down the rivers to Reads Landing and then sent to other distant locations.
The town’s first European settler was Edward Hudson, a soldier under Colonel Snelling. Hudson put up a building on the riverfront and it became known as Hudson’s Landing. Hudson died 1843, and the property was purchased by Charles R. Read. Read established a trading post, which became a steamboat landing. In 1850, a post office was built. Commerce increased on the Chippewa, mills were built, and Reads Landing became a landmark for many years until the invention of the railroad changed the landscape forever.
The two-story brick schoolhouse in Reads Landing was the second built in Minnesota. Ground was broken for the school in 1870 and it served as a school until 1965.  Today it serves as the Reads Landing Museum. Visit it to learn more about the local areas history.