"The Mississippi Great River Road was listed among
the top three most beautiful drives in the country"

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MVP Seasons
Each season has its highlights:
Winter: Enjoy downhill or cross country skiing, ice fishing (Did you know that the river can be fished all year long?), or listen to the ice booming on the river as tremendous pressure builds up underneath the frozen slabs. Browse through stores and galleries, go snowmobiling, or cuddle up in your lodging to watch the falling snow and listen to Minnesota's winter winds. Eagle watching is our newest winter activity. Hundreds of bald eagles spend the winter in our area, from November until March.
Spring: The river opens for navigation, but not before great floes of honeycombed ice twirl and grind against each other in their final voyage down the river. The migrating water fowl join robins and finches coming back to the slowly greening hills, bluffs, and wet lands. The unusual yellow-headed blackbird returns with his raucous cry. Bike or walk, and enjoy the trails as our native wild flowers are in bloom and the wild plum thickets give off a heady fragrance.
Summer: Get up and get busy! You can boat, fish, swim, or canoe. Enjoy a summer festival or the fearless hang-gliders. Hike the trails, pick the berries, look for (but don't pick) the rare yellow lotus blooming in the back waters. Enjoy an ice cream cone, go biking, loll on a beach, or play in our parks. Find a treasure to take home, or sit on the river bank and dabble your toes.
Autumn: Fall color lovers will revel in the crescendo of hues found glowing in the wild grasses, cattails, deciduous trees, sumac stands, and fall asters. Bring your camera! Savor the flavor of fresh apples and taste our ciders - warm and cold. Stop at the many road side stands and find pumpkins, garlands of bittersweet, or Indian corn in the husk to hang during the long winter at home.
Year-round: Our friendly downtowns can provide you with the necessities, offering everything from specialty shopping to general stores and services. Enjoy fast food, leisurely fine food, picnic food, or car food. Take time to stop at the museums and learn about our past. Use this guide to see what will come next along our Great River Roads, and what you can do once you arrive there. Enjoy each of our tiny towns in any season, and come back again for the others.
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